Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just to be cliche...

You saw it coming. Don't lie. You saw it coming 9 months ago, in March 08 when I decided to move on up to the PNW. So, in an effort to bring the suspense to a halt: Let's talk about the weather of Seattle.

Since I moved here in May, I have experienced:
  • one 95 degree weekend (the weekend I moved up here, actually. I thought to myself, 'this may not be so bad!)
  • 18.35-ish inches of rain (probably would be lots more if it weren't for that durn Olympic shadow)
  • a crapload* of snow
  • 2 weeks of sub-freezing temperatures
  • falling on my ass on various occasions while walking to the bus stop (thank you, crapload of snow and 2 weeks of sub-freezing temperatures)
  • finding out that Uggs are not very waterproof
*crapload = way more than Seattle usually gets, and enough to make me realize that snow is not such an enchanted occurrence

Also, I have learned that preparing for the weather is a challenge. Today, for instance, there was sun, rain, wind, all at a pleasant 49 degrees. Ridiculous? Slightly.

Now, I know that I have been spoiled by living in the land of palm trees and sunshine (and I'm not talking about anywhere in Florida; that's more the land of retirees and Nascar). However, one would have to understand that shock of moving to the constant state of drizzle that is the Emerald City. Wearing glasses in the rain gets old, that's all I'm sayin.


  1. Ha hah! Sounds like it sucks up there--couldn't imagine, cause I myself am an Los Angeles native, and it seems everyone here is from everywhere else trying to get away from all their crappy weather. The only thing Seattle has going is Dave Matthews lives there. Otherwise I'd give an inkling of credit to the Mariners until they started having knitting night during the ball game. A pale city on many levels.

  2. Sila, I love it! Very funny, and yes, that Seattle weather does sound pretty rough. I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it. :) Looking forward to more entries!