Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Haters.

Psst--want to know a secret? I am from California. And I love California, and I love that I’m from California. Southern California even! With its smog, and its traffic, and its SUNSHINE, and its overall awesomeness.

Now I will share with you something I have come to learn of the Seattleite. It hates California. Something that I suppose I can understand, I mean, if you like to breathe clean air and whatnot, Los Angeles might not be the best place to respire (I say man up. The lungs get used to it). But not only do the Seattleites hate it, the won’t stop talking about their hatred for it. Every time I mention my former place of residence, I inadvertently start some rant and rave about how much California sucks. And if I mention I’m from L.A., forget it.

Well let me tell you a little something. Hang out in Seattle for 4 days of non-rain, and see what happens. Is that…wait…it can’t be…smog in the distance? Why yes, Seattle. Yes it is. In the wintertime, if we run into a dry spell, the newscasters will announce the “burn ban” that has been placed in King County. For those who don’t know, a burn ban is a temporary restriction on enjoying unnecessary fires, so as not to contribute to poor air quality (point one for SoCal - we don’t even need fires. Boosh.).

Another common complaint of those in the PNW is that Californians are fake and superficial. Well, first of all, I will agree. But, we’re not all like that. Second of all, Seattle natives are also fake and superficial, just in a different way. There is a fairly well known and established group called the Seattle Anti-Freeze to combat what is known as the “Seattle Chill.” A topic for another day.

 Now Seattle, you’re a pretty cool city, but you’ve got some issues too.  Which is why I even started this blog in the first place. I’m all for hometown pride, but let’s try a little cross-municipal tolerance, shall we? Show other cities, states, and city-states some love! Except for maybe Arkansas.

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